Location: Poland

Underpolen is an informal art gathering / Netlabel, created by Jan Strach mainly to organize and catalogue all the musical and artistic projects he took / takes part in. The other goal of Underpolen is releasing and promoting amateur artists taking the non-traditional routes in their music, making up for the lack of technical abilities and experience with originality and innovation (genre irrelevant). Sometimes professional, most often however amateurishly sounding, in diverse genres, with emphasis on fresh, original ideas and substance, as opposed to studio-polished bland copies of ideas from 30 years ago. Examples: We released an album with artists covering rock songs, banging on pots and pans. An album with chopped up children's songs. Asymmetrical grindcore, as well as melancholical hortifolk, as well as ambient made from hunting songs - if this seems up your alley, we welcome you.