Soundshiva is open non-commercial netaudio catalogue.


Soundshiva’s mission is to help netlabels and artists to share and distribute free music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.

Who can use Soundshiva


We help netlabels to distribute free music and reach more fans. If you are netlabel manager you can contact us and request access for adding your netlabel and releases to our catalogue. Read instructions here.

Music lovers, artists and creators

You can explore netlabels and releases on our catalogue without registration. Use filters by music genre, type, license or file format to find free music you need. Support your favourite netlabels and artists outside Soundshiva, because they doing this for you.

Soundshiva is free

We don’t want any ads from Google or other platforms to appear on Soundshiva, so all we can do is ask you to support Soundshiva in any way that is convenient for you:

  1. Make a donation
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Thank you for support.


If you want print our logo on anything or put it on your site — feel free to use this logos.