Wake Bell by Secrets of the 45

Netlabel: UnderpolenUPL065
Released: 16 Dec 2015
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    Receptors calling
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    Wake Bell
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    Drowning in drowsy
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    The daily grind
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    Dance of the ceramics
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"It was about time to pay tribute to my only addiction - caffeine, which
has become a necessity to properly start my day. And what better way to
honour it than by making an album entirely out of the sounds of my
trusted coffee machine?

Like an old friend, this familiar buzz has been present in my life for
years, setting rhythm to my workday. I decided to make its warm,
enveloping orchestra of hums, hisses, gurgles into a pleasant ambient
album - with help of effect pedals and analog processing."

-Secrets Of The 45

And there you have it, a set of droning, ever-morphing etudes based on a
hum of a coffeemaker. Each piece paints the noise in a slightly
different shade, mirroring different stages of the wake cycle (or the
"wake bell" as the album cover depicts) - from the hushed whalesong of
"drowning in drowsy" to the urgent, stuttering "c16f" with hisses and
sirens going off to give the listener a good waking kick.

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