Ekar records

Location: Germany

Ekar is not an actual label. It’s a sharing-platform that allows some close friends to publish their works, music and artworks.

Ekar records support and share the idea that creating and distributing free music must be as unrestricted as breathing air, plucking a blade of grass, or basking in the rays of the sun.

The word "free" refers to freedom, not price. Specifically, Free Music means also that any individual has the freedom of copying, remixing, distributing, and modifying music for personal, noncommercial purposes.

The artist has drawn from the creativity of many other musicians and there is an existential responsibility placed upon them to give this back unconditionally, so creativity is fostered among people.

All creators draw in part on the work of those who came before, referring to it, building on it, poking fun at it; we call this creativity, not piracy.

Music is a creative process.
When a musician publishes music, exposes it to the outside world.
Free Music does not mean that musicians or independent labels cannot charge for records, tapes or CDs, but limiting your creativity to specific audiences, especially based on monetary reasons, is shirking existential responsibility and destructive to society as a whole;
giving only to a privileged set of individuals the chance to enjoy it.

The greatest reward musicians should have is their own music and nothing else.
Any artist is of course happy when someone appreciate his creativity and shows it in some form but
if a reward - money, awards, praise, or winning a contest - comes to be seen as the reason one is engaging in an activity, that activity will be viewed as less enjoyable in its own right.
There is definitely more of a sense of fulfillment when you do something because you love it and not because you are obligated to.

You, the artist, will have more power with your recordings with this approach. You can be as creative as you want and spread your music around and no one can stop you.
Perhaps we can then see individual music instead of music for the masses.
The music industry restricts copying and other uses of music in order to maximise profit, but this comes at a great cost, that of abridging the spread of creativity.

Music is about creative and passionate ideas. Not product.

Why should corporate labels and commercial radio decide what we get to hear and make lot of profit by exploiting artists? Why not let the people who love music decide for themselves?

You, the fan/listener, have the power and the responsibility.
If the freedom of copying and using music appeals to you and you would like the idea spread around, send a donation to artists and label in order to enable them to continue their making of music. What you contribute should be dependent on what the music was worth to you. Support the music you like in some way!
But it should be kept in mind that freeing music is the ethically right thing to do, and the economic rationale is simply justification against critics who would argue that freeing music deprives songwriters and performers of income. It is not that we oppose songwriters and performers from making an income through their music, but that it is unethical to engage in destructive practices to do so.
It is not up to us to give a value in terms of money to the music we are spreading and to our work, it would be never enough.
We are not looking for money, but we are looking for an opportunity to make our work grow and give it exposure.