Ekar records

Location: Germany

Ekar is not an actual label. It’s a sharing-platform that allows A.P.O and some few close friends to publish their works, music and artworks. A tray to layyour own apple and pick the grapes of people you know since the childhood,with whom you shared experiences, sensations, the places you rised in: among these people you are on the same wavelength about musical taste and attitude.
This tray, filled with “musical-fruits”, is surely kept for the house but also offered to anybody who whishes to hear rythms and vibes from a non-metropolitan underground.

The name Ekar comes from the peak located in north-east Italy where an eponymous astronomical observatory lays. There worked for weeks, from time to time, the father of Enrico (curator of Ekar and APO’s member), bringing the family to live nearby - and sometimes the sons in the observatory’ facilities. It became a second home, a place to get both fun and scientific informations. Also a place where the use of technology in a natural enviroment is prolific and mutually respectful.

The label Ekar is the result of this experience and many others, all starting from a bucolic life and influenced by the unavoidable and necessary relationship with technology in this late industrial age.