the Berlin rehearsal by the volume settings folder

Netlabel: Ekar recordsEKR012
Released: 19 Oct 2015

"the volume settings folder” is italian guitarist M. Beckmann’s latest project, consisting in ambient, drone, post-rock music with a bit of field recordings and Noise.He developed a sort of dark ambient/drone style, playing mostly with guitar and analog-effects, than mixing this lo-fi music with field recordings: record, cut, loop, slow down, hide high frequencies.The process takes place in a rush, exploring the most natural ideas and spontaneous inspiration of the artist, taking this work in the field of improvisation music.
This album (live recorded during the rehearsal for the Ekar Records Sunday event in Berlin),bring us back in the almost-foggy countryside of north-east Italy where he is based
and from where the aesthetic,the musical tastes and the philosophy of Ekar records are born.
An essential part of the experiences that were shared are finally present on this sharing-platform.

"this album is literally what the title brutally explains: the actual recording of my rehearsing process for the Ekar Records Sunday event, held in Berlin last May 10th, 2015. this recording contains one track more (“Magnetic Stretchmarks”) compared with the set that i actually played on that date. it features all along completely new compositions made for the purpose of the festival, except for a reworking of “Purity III” which I felt deserved a first-time loud play in an european and yet extremely familiar context. thanks to Enrico and Rita for making the event and my appearance possible, and to all the artist who played and exhibited along." - tvsf

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