Burning Cicada, Ltd.

Genres: Abstract Folk
Location: US

We would like to thank those that have given the music an ear to speak. There are many beautiful moments within these melodies that we are glad to convey to those that would hear. Very often the act of creating is a search for something intangible that we wish to make real for ourselves. These connections that may seem abstract, but with so much emotional meaning, are debatably the silent silk that bind us all together reminding us we are alike. We dig deep within ourselves, looking for something that is common, understood, and important. Perhaps we may inspire some joys or sadness, but the fact that we all have an effect on each other, and may choose to share is profound and important. Music is without doubt the best part of us, and we are glad to share it with you. Thank you for taking some time to listen.
Burning Cicada, Ltd. offers both free and commercial recordings. Stay posted for a new recording that will be available soon. Sunspots For Salamanders! This will also be A free recording to enjoy. Filled with songs of emotion, meaning, and poetry, this recording promises to be a great work of personal experience and beautiful faults. As for now, have a Listen to Red Cicadas Burning Cicada, Ltd. Sampler Volume I. If you have any interest in correspondence we can be reached at Burning Cicada, Ltd. P.O. Box 84 DeKalb, IL 60115. All of out best to you and yours.