Red Cicadas Burning Cicada, Ltd. Sampler Volume I by Various Artists

Netlabel: Burning Cicada, Ltd.BCSMPL01
Released: 20 Sep 2009
  • 1
    Times Garden
  • 2
    Winters Serpent
  • 3
    Bang Ba
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
    Killing the Raven
  • 8
    Selling a Seed
  • 9
    Through the Water
  • 10
    Sands of Salome
  • 11
    Evils Holiday
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Correspondences regarding “Red Cicadas” can be directed to Burning Cicada, Ltd. P.O. Box 84 DeKalb, IL 60115

These tracks can also be found at Sonicsquirrel

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Performance contributions include the following: (Satyajit Limaye) Tabla on Times Garden, (Nick Aureamo) Dombeck Times Garden, Frame Drum on Through the Water, Gyle and Djembe on Bang Ba, Large Drum on Winters Serpent, (Jen St. Stjärna) Vocal on Killing the Raven, (Tim Rush) Tabla solo on Run, (Anny Chia-Pao Hsu) Cloud Gong on Winters Serpent, Erhu on Times Garden.

Recorded by J. Ezra Hanchett (Times Garden, Winters Serpent, Bang Ba) all other tracks in house by Burning Cicada, Ltd.

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