Alone in the Network by Yaka anima & Alpha Ori

Netlabel: Cian OrbeCIOR-332
Released: 22 Jul 2019

This album is inspired in cyberpunk and ghost in the machine artistic concept.

*All Music composed, cover artwork by α Ori

*Additional sound effects, additional stems, cover artwork design: Sábila Orbe. / all vocal loops was taken from public domain websites. // except track 5. vocals: Wildsilences.

- Yaka-anima is an experimental, computer music project from Rancagua, Chile. Created by Sábila Orbe.
for check more of his work visit:

- α Ori is a dark ambient, glitch, electronic experimental project created by Julien A. Lacroix from France.

- Wildsilences (vocals in track 5) music:

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