Forgotten Frozen Flamingo by Various Artists

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP182
Released: 12 Dec 2023
  • 1
    Slight hesitation of the sacrificed
  • 2
    Facing the acid bath
  • 3
    The unforgettable sound
  • 4
    Staring at a fractal sky
  • 5
    Forgotten Frozen Flamingo
  • 6
    Fucking Ferris Fremont
  • 7
    Bird talk in the asylum
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The Necrophile Humingbird Netlabel presents Forgotten Frozen Flamingo by PIRATE Tapes X REfugEEs From Beyond.

"Apocalyptic Post-Rock for Psychedelic Dreamers"

Split album between PIRATE Tapes & REfugEEs From Beyond live improvisation recorded the 3th December 2023 at the Cave Haven in Foucherans.
Members :
Master of Ceremony : Psyché Pelik
Guitar Hero : Studio112
Disc Jockey : Yoshiwaku Mushotoku

There is a rusted flamingo in our garden, I found it in the street years ago... One of his wings is broken, and sometimes he lost his head.

You may notice that we have the same members in this both projects these days. Stu' told me a few days ago, again, that for him there are no real differences between my projects, and he's right, at least since there are nearly no more of my sampling projects active, most turning analogic like the last Wild Worm Web.
Each time it's something different but coming from the same universe. This reminds me a lot the ST Noiz adage of buddies ardleg & KHAOMAN.
Stu' told too, that for most musicians the way to produce our sound (recording live with a zoom and several speakers to give a chance for random chaos to make the better choice for us) is a heresy and that's right, maybe a new form of beauty by Virgin Prunes crawled too much under my skin. To decipher this record it's necessary to understand that in french there is a big misunderstanding about Pink Floyd. I don't know why, but a lot of people think that mean pink flamingo. When anglophone knows that the pink "floyd" sound came from the blues.
Maybe as big as thinking that necrophile mean something usual when it's mostly about to spread life in the ears of the dead. Also, perhaps because I enjoyed the "acoustic" approach that buddy Pete explored this year in the Hope Jasnoch Redundant Realities.
Before to play I suggested for guideline the rust. Sometime guidelines do not rebirth in the music but this time, for me, it sounds really a kind of rusty psychedelic postrock.
And while writing I thought about the Necrophile Hummingbird looking like this rusty flamingo in our garden, something surviving from the past, and the more I understand what happens, next year, I think it will be a frozen one for the netlabel. But there is already more to listen in our nest that the time of listen that have most of the people.
So good time to travel in time. To do again and again the same loop.
Or to free your mind.

Special thanks to Philip K. Dick who spelled us the name of the beast.

Dedicated to all whose will not loose their soul with artificial intelligence.
Dedicated to those who will mutate to be able to survive in a world that sick ?

Artwork by Stable Diffusion.
Rust reminds me of the tendency to abuse editing software to change the saturation of all images to make them prettier standardized, instead to set them in an accurate way. AI should be advised to read books on the art of using makeup subtly or to dig the real beauty. And the public should not forget that the prettiest flowers in appearance are often the most toxic.

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