A Loss Hard To Measure by Various Artists

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP151
Released: 30 Sep 2022
  • 1
    The Loss Song
  • 2
    The Loss Message
  • 3
    Cry Our Eyes Out Song
  • 4
    Cry Our Eyes Out Message
  • 5
    Waiting For A Sign
  • 6
    Hourglass Of Water
  • 7
    Vague à l'Ame
  • 8
    Rest In Peace
  • 9
    How To Deal With It
  • 10
    Disintegration Creed
  • 11
    Only Time Might Heal This Wound
  • 12
    Everlasting Message
  • 13
    Everlasting Song
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The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents A Loss Hard To Measure in free download here

"Mourning Music for Deceased People"

The 8th July 2022 Antho is gone in the night. I would like it to be something more magic, like in the OA series : a glide into the multiverse. The only thing I'm sure about is that I miss him so much. And I'm not the only one. The weight of this loss is hard to measure, thru the years it's one of the very rare friend I had never lost. Without him, perhaps since 1995 I would be stuck in a psychiatric hospital, never coming to the surface behind my chemical straightjacket. I've done my first step as bass player at this time, but I had turned the amp nearly to zero because I didn't know how to play. Many years later I still don't know, but I can, so we tried in 2014 to play together in another band, disbanded before to release anything. He was not hiding that he was not understanding my experimental sound, mostly outsider music. Despite we were both found of Tuxedomoon, Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus, the Young Gods, Virgin Prunes, Christian Death and of course Killing Joke we were not playing the same kind of music. But we were respectful, like brothers do, to each one's differences. So perhaps he would not enjoy that much this virtual record, but would understand the intention to say goodbye to him by this way. I asked to Studio 112 who knew him before I do to help me on several tracks. This is our memorial to him.

You can listen his old music here
And his last compositions and his Killing Joke Covers here

I also released an album with remixes of some of his drum'n'bass tracks, because few months ago he talked with me about to create the music for an Aleister Crowley's Poem and I wanted to do another door linked more to his music, it's in free download here

Finally, I may add I think it's a blessing to leave such a sick society, death is not for me something to mourn about. At the scale of this world where everyday so many people sink in the sea, die by war or human handmade cataclysms all mostly because of the rich greedy people, it's only one amongst all the everyday atrocious deaths. But he was a very special friend to me. The only one who've been able to write me as birthday gift a portrait poem so accurate that it caught my real spirit.

Dedicated to all the wild boys who can't escape from pain.

Ed End on all tracks
Studio 112 on PIRATE Tapes & rADio eNd tracks.
Poems by WB Yeats on track 4 & 8.
Lyrics on track 11 adapted from Christopher Priest's Petrified Fountain.

Video Art Clip soon or later here

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