Salvador Salvandus by rADio eNd

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP129
Released: 01 Sep 2021
  • 1
    Salvator Salvandus Alpha
  • 2
    Inner Transmission
  • 3
    Etheric Body
  • 4
    Aether Particles
  • 5
    Iuva Te, Iuvabit Te Caelum
  • 6
    Salvator Salvandus Omega
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Taped Rugs Productions and the Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel present Salvator Salvandus by rADio eNd a subtle musical elixir.

"Alchemical Music for Sound Shamans"

rADio eNd members involve in :

Charles Rice Goff III :
Additional sounds, mixes, final edits, and cover art of the Taped Rugs Version

Ed End :
Album concept, song titles, and original source music.

Cover art photo of this version by Alain Grille edited a little.

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Technology :

C. Goff III :

Voice, Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer, Korg Z1 Synthesizer, Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer, Hello Kitty Stratocaster Electronic Guitar, Aklot Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele, Various Plectra, Boss RC 20X Loop Station Loop Duplicator, Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay, Yamaha FX 500 Effects Unit, Various Analog Foot Pedal Sound Effects, Tascam 424MKIII 4-Track Cassette Recorder, K-Mart Portable Phonograph, Modified Vinyl and Flexidisk Records, Cool Edit Pro II, Audacity, Midisoft MIDI Scorewriter, Windows Media Player, Roxio 2011 Sound Recorder, Several Plug-In Audio Sound Effects, Amazing MIDI Wave-To-MIDI, Polysoft MIDI to Mp3 Converter, Natural Reader Voice Emulator

Ed End :

Novation Bass Station analog synthesizer in rack with Yamaha DX21 keyboard.
Rhythms generated by a Digitech Trio Pedal in various FX circuits, coupled with a pink Mini Kaossilator Korg, an electric frequencies generator, and various FX pedals.
Samples are done with an old turntable with an elastic band and some other stuff under the records to make irregular playing surfaces.
Etheric Body incorporates a computer overlayer mix.

Editing Process :

To produce this collection, Goff blended many of his own original recordings with Ed’s source materials. Goff also modified Ed’s source materials in many ways. Simple digital effects altered source track sounds and/or speeds. Some source tracks were played on a keyboard directly through the inputs of a Korg Vocoder. On one piece, a single rhythmic source phrase was modified in a number of ways, then the various modified phrases were linked together into a chain. Some source tracks were converted to MIDI files, then the resulting tracks were altered to showcase a variety of MIDI sounds. Some edits were recorded onto a 4 track cassette tape and remixed manually into digital files.

Below the surface :
We talked a lot about the symbolic elements before Goff upgrade it.
About Salvador Salvandus concept you will discover yourself an answer if you translate the fifth track title.
It seems one big problem in this world is about on one side the self proclamated saviors, kind of people often thinking that there is only one solution : their solution... and on the other side the savior worshipers, kind of people often thinking it's more safe to be save by someone else than to do it themselves...
For me both are wrong. Of course, people with a little psychological skills know that the "hand seeking help", is more trying to drag down someone else to feel less low. Sameway that the "helping hand" is more trying to steal the benefit of the salvation. Obviously the savior can't save and the savior seeker can't be save.
Both being blinded because too much self centered. In this problem there is not only two subjects but three and this third one is the world itself, and the world, this wide network of living beings brings a real solution if you are able to listen it. You get the process and knows how to act toward to solve it till you are able to feel these connections and understand how to set your mind.
Hard to explain fully in few words roughly translate that's why I prefer let the music talk.

Above the surface :
It took me several listening before to get it, Salvador Salvandus is the kind of album you can often go back to and slowly become a familliar presence as well as that shadow behind you can be. For me it's an important step in rADio eNd study of how a kind of soul can be reveal thru the transformation of the sound material. That's why I'm so happy Goff share his editing process. And I hope you will be as joyfull than me that he brings this music to life.

Inner transmission first version is also in this Video Art Clip

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