Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP127
Released: 02 Jul 2021
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    rADio eNd - Réseau Culte - 01 Prémonition -v1-
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    rADio eNd - Réseau Culte - 02 Incarcération Politique -v2- feat. ardleg
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    Mega Lo Mania
  • 5
    Hypertension feat ardleg
  • 6
    Hypertension Extensional feat. Magic Bullet
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The Necrophile Hummingbird presents RESEAU CULTE by rADio eNd
"Interzone Music for Outsider People"

About the depths of this album :
Do you remember ?
K/W/A/Y and next La 6ème République...
Indeed a secret friends meeting with a guest.
Water flowed under the bridges since the time of our noise supergroup, which was the same sort of fake self proclamation than with queer movement at its beginning.
In reality we were 3 Folks (and a ghost) lost within a lost industrial city.
Since my two friends grown up ST Noiz
Now we are all on our own, but it's good to be one more time together,
with Magic Bullet to help us turn this more in an Extended Play extended by remixes than an usual album.

If you are too much short in time to enjoy the full journey there is a preview here

About the surface of the album :
"The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free." Maya Angelou.

Direct download link (MP3) here

Featuring :
ardleg on track 2 &5

Magic Bullet on track 6

KHΛOMΛИ on track 7

Ed End on all tracks.

Free Download in Wav & Flac with also an extra video track.
Two tracks are also on two Cian Orbe Netlabel (became Internet Daemon) compilations.

rADio eNd is a process more than a simple musical project...
More informations about rADio eNd on the official page

Special thanks to Mamoru Oshii for the angel's egg.

Dedicated to all the mutants lost in the labyrinth... the exit is nigh.
Thus it's an old dream to be able to escape this fake reality if you achieve this quest it would be such a joy.

Video Art Clips here
In The Hand Of The Odd
Serial Experiments Lain Spoiler

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