Operating System by rADio eNd

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP173
Released: 05 Oct 2023
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 01 Angel's Mouth -Part 1&2-
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 02 Transitional State Number 1
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 03 In Haze with the lost -Part 1-
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 04 Transitional State Number 2
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 05 In Haze with the lost -Part 2-
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 06 Transitional State Number 3
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 07 In Haze with the lost -Part 3-
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 08 Transitional State Number 4
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    rADio eNd - Operating System - 09 In Phase with Intention
  • 10
    rADio eNd - Operating System - 10 Angel's Mouth -Part 3-
  • 11
    rADio eNd - Operating System - 11 When transitional states turn into eternity
  • 12
    rADio eNd - Operating System - 12 Fana Fillah
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The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents Operating System by rADio eNd in free download here

The raw improvised tracks have been recorded in February 2021 at the Cave Haven, in Foucherans (france).

Featuring :
Damaris Baker on track 1/10
Studio 112 on tracks 1/3/5
Ed End on all tracks.

rADio eNd is a process more than a simple musical project...
More informations about rADio eNd on the official page

Alternatives, autonomy and love, this is all about it.

The internet spirit was first this and not that control freaks product where everything is censored. That’s why you can get the english version on bandcamp and here the version with french lyrics on the Necrophile Hummingbird archive. In any case for both there is only the track "In Phase with Intention" which is with different lyrics. Also I think that spending more than two years to write down the illumination’s synthesis instead to just let the instrumental version tells a lot about what matter between the music and the message. And what message ? Is it really something to take as it as information or more something to think about. How on earth is it possible that such accident happen ?
From the first step, thinking that it was a very long track so being able to host a quite long spoken word speech. What a quirky idea to add a full operating system to a song ? And next being stuck with a so hugge task to check and fix these lyrics, and finally after recording them, it needed to double the track lengh to be able to host them. I mean do you think anybody not insane would have done it ?
I don’t think so. In any case now you can listen in french or read it in english. I’ve done a fast trad (that you can find at the very end of the presentation) and I may improve it at some point... but do I need to say that I’m not sure that anybody should care about this ?
As I always say it's better to build each your own solution, and there will be far more chances that several of them help to fix the global earth shity situation.

Do I need to say that I’m not sure that anybody really care about this...

Is there still people really trying to digg what is the reality ?

I hope so.

Because I’m not the first one, I’m just one of the insane humans on a very long chain thru time, space and dimensions.

Last I think this album is linked with films like Ordaly Found Footage, The Hands Revolution, Pikadon, The world is over! and Necktar 2017... And with this last one it may be more easy to guess clearly the meaning behind. At least for the french natives because they can read all my writings in the akashic record here

Dedicated to all the sceptics who are not afraid to question themselves.

Special thanks to the members who permitted this album Damaris and my buddy guitar hero for their confidence in my ability to grow up this conceptual art thru my creative madness and also all the Necktar contributors because that’s a hugge part of the dream behind.

Fast translation of the french version of "The Synthesis Of Illumination" lyrics of the track "In Phase With Intention" :

The intention.

+ Why are you crying?

- I can't finish this text. So many years have already passed.

+ Is it really that important to finish it? You could just let go...

- Yes and no, originally I wanted to transmit the sum of my research on religions, to send a capsule into cyberspace for future generations, but I understood that in the same way jellyfish do not need brain to learn, seeds do not need to be seeds to germinate. This is what is magical in this world, through experience, we can all realize ourselves, without needing any book, thought leader or inflated ego to guide us.

+ Hence your problem with religions..

- Exactly, that's what blocks me, all this knowledge is useless, it causes more harm by preventing us from having our own experience.

+ Perhaps, if I understand your text correctly, more than a synthesis of this knowledge, you are trying to show a multitude of angles of approach, a way of sculpting in the data to bring out your life. You simply use this medium to reveal your experience of spirituality.
You try to convey the way your experience transformed you, caused you to mutate.

- I understand what you're getting at... for you, the only thing that matters is that I convey my absence of fear, right? The larva can only become a butterfly if it understands that in becoming one, it does not cease to be the other...

+ Possible, probably at least as much as you show the vital place you leave for imperfection in the creative process. A bit like the adult who shows the child that he is fallible so as not to make him an unattainable ideal. Isn’t the power to create inseparable from mutation? What we create transforms us inside and what transforms us inside generates creation...
In the end, for creation, it is indeed like for education, only love is truly essential. no matter what I say, it is necessary that those who hear me feel that it is a part of them that speaks to them, that it is this part that experiences life and learns, this part of them that loves their neighbors, because she knows everything they have in common.

- This is why music is so sufficient, the words are often only simulacra, mutilated versions of the dreams that the music contains.

So I put my finger on my butterfly lips.

And let what I wrote when I thought I was a larva drown in the strange song to come.

Welcome to the paths of enlightenment.
Or how you can sample a few sources, in order to capture the light that allows you to open your eyes wide. It’s about that kind of enlightenment.

From springs flow the rivers which all go to the ocean. It’s about that kind of path.

It's a very strange story to tell...
What would happen if a madman heard a voice telling him that one day he would create a new form of religion?
What would happen if a wise man heard a voice telling him that one day he would create a new form of religion?
Probably not the same thing, if the fool or the wise man knew that he is not just one or the other, but both and also many other forms of individuals. As many possible situations can appeal.
Just as he is not just male or female, but many other forms. As many as possible relationships can appeal.

If you hear the bell ring seven times, turn the page….


The voice would explain how most religions are fundamentally biased, established among other things to address all kinds of fears, particularly the fear of death.

Shouldn’t death simply be accepted as as essential to life as birth?

They create an illusion of continuity through their traditions. The repetition of rites is accompanied by the erasure of their meaning, instead of seeking to understand the mystery of life they simulate its understanding. In doing so, drowning all. Instead of inviting everyone to find their own answers, the belief of the majority becomes the unique truth. While they often come from founding individual spiritual experiences, religious institutions interpret them and sometimes distort them to the opposite end, all manipulations justified to maintain their political power and their flock. And above all they would like to apply this teaching indiscriminately to individuals and cut themselves off from their experience. The transcendent part, gnosis, is evacuated because it endangers the church. Shouldn’t a religion simply be the “religare,” that which connects living beings and allows them to live together?
She would add that there is a void left by these dying religions, which have become simulacra in place of tools operants. And that as long as this void is there, both capitalism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence church or any other new religion will take over this space in the hearts of humans. The voice would explain that it is not really a voice, but an echo from the future, coming from outside, inside and everywhere else. At that moment it would leave a sort of flutter of amazement, similar to that of the passage of an angel...
The voice would then explain that it would be a question of creating a sort of synthetic religion, but not a religion like those we know, which dogmatize spirituality. Rather in the syncretic way of hermeticism, a system with methods to overcome compartmentalization and allow transposition. While avoiding that it has a single form, on the contrary that it is fundamentally multiple. As many forms as there are living beings, each composing it in the conceptual and symbolic way in which artistic rituals can be created.

******* 1
(I take advantage of you turning the page to make a little digression regarding what has just been said. I discussed it with a friend and he pointed out to me that it was dangerously reminiscent of the new age flaw, that with seemingly the best intentions, in reality, we isolated each individual in a bubble. The negation of reality leaving room for all possible delusions. A bit like conspiracism, where the flaw is to make people believe that because certain manipulations have been proven others would be while for these the only tangible elements are delusional theories. To which I responded with the example of science which is considered perfect from the point of view of neophytes, scientists know that this is not true, yet it is the point of view of neophytes which actually prevails over reality. This, to show that whether we like it or not, we live in a world of beliefs and that it is dangerous to delude yourself into believing that only reality matters... We will come back to this later.)
Moreover, we could call this multidimensional human and this mysterious voice, a catalyst and his inner candle. But that wouldn't convey their relationship clearly enough, let's call them: the headless walkman and his transistor radio. Or better yet, to transcribe their plurality let's call them: musics.
They would seek to get lost to find answers.
They would walk, hand in hand, on the path to inner illumination.
They would think that to create this sort of synthesis, it would be necessary to sample religions, remembering the teaching that comes to mind first for each of them. Well, not for all, just with a fairly wide range. Which is easy to understand, if you create a recipe, you don't need every possible ingredient. You select a few and then try to understand how they interact, in order to balance them and ensure that they form a harmonious whole. And this is how they would proceed, it would only be a test, to check if this model could be applied by each person in order to constitute an individual spiritual system.

******* 2

They would sample the absence of anthropomorphism in Zoroastrianism, so that no simple mortal can seize power by claiming to be god or prophet. A key to avoiding idolatry. It fundamentally validates what is different from oneself.

They would sample the Christian precept which says not to do to your neighbor what you would not like to be done to you. A key to achieving free focus. This allows us to learn to decenter ourselves, and also promotes empathy, by feeling how connected we are. We are all fragments of the mirror.

They would sample the Sufi precept which says that God is everywhere in everything. A key to achieving peace. This makes us solely responsible for our actions, there is no one to blame, the concept of an enemy disappears. We feel what unites us.

They could sample the concept of the veil of the abyss in the Kabbalah, because it is a key to understanding that consciousness is only the smallest visible part. But they would undoubtedly prefer to sample the Tsim Tsum which is a key to achieving emancipation, if God withdraws within, it is so that his children emancipate themselves and no longer seek his approval. Because at that moment they would realize that this sample and the previous one are linked.

Besides, they would wonder if they were not mistaken in their choice for Christianity, if it should not in reality be the passage from the Gospel of Saint Thomas, closer to gnosis, where it is said that if we lift a stone you would find him there. Because that would have made three exchanges linked tills and would thus have outlined the beginnings of coherence.
Then they would reassure themselves, by completing this triptych by sampling from Taoism, that the Tao is in everything and that everyone has the outside world inside. This is a key to understanding the holistic dimension.

******* 3

When they would like to sample Hinduism, rather than Ganesh perhaps not being the elephant but the mouse, to understand how deceptive appearances can be, they would prefer to sample the concept of the human chariot in Yoga, because it is the key to understanding how the body, mind and soul are articulated to function.

They would hesitate to sample the law of karma from Buddhism, because even if it is also shared by Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism, it would risk too much misleading the follower, the concept of the cycle of lives being able to produce an opposite effect, it would be preferable to remember above all that every act has consequences. Highlighting the existence of the middle path would seem preferable to them, because it shows that there is no need to suffer to learn and this implies that whatever the deities, none would ever ask to inflict suffering on themselves.

At this moment a great emptiness would occur like when you feel that a candle has gone out or that something has broken irreparably. The musics would stop. In doubt, the headless walkman would wonder if his transistor radio really exists or if it is not this Idiot Desire for Universal Enlighting, this need to invent a presence to feel less alone and receive external validation. What difference would it make anyway, whether it's a voice asking the question or him, the question is there.

They would sample theosophy, that the living word is preferable to any book of the past. This is the key to preventing a spirituality in movement from becoming a dogmatic cult.

At this point, musics would understand that it could not be limited to recognized religions.

For alchemy they would hesitate between sacrifice, that nothing is created everything is transformed, and the emerald table, and they would prefer the latter because it is the key to transmutation passing through the extremes. And also because the sacrifice seems in contradiction with the middle voice, even if this is resolved by the sleight of hand that it is not an external constraint, but a voluntary act.

******* 4

The musics would think that humor would be saving to prevent the test from failing by limiting itself to a school approach, that is to say where chaos would be desperately absent.

Then they would sample the Heaven Gate sect, hesitating between the language used as the matrix of being, in the same way that the Durritti column did by removing the "I" and the larva and the butterfly, choosing the latter concept, even if the sect had undoubtedly transplanted the passage from the stage of nymph to imago to the Rosicrucians... Above all to be able to explain that although it seems terrible for a larva to know that it will be replaced by a butterfly, there is a continuity, despite being at the end it still remains linked to the larva.

Well, it would not be easy to succeed in calming this fear of change, given that usually as soon as something turns out to be too different from what is known, it is quickly erased thanks to denial. We can only praise spontaneous improvisation and its use of intuition which allows this mechanism of reason to be bypassed.

For philosophy, they would hesitate between the myth of Icarus, to show that it is useless or even dangerous to seek perfection, whereas it is enough to find your place on the ladder and to change it when the need arises. actually felt. And Prometheus, because starting from the sharing of knowledge and its refusal of the principle of initiation, the compartmentalization of which allows manipulation by the hierarchy, we easily arrive at the free sharing of all resources. Practical experience being sufficient to allow initiation without suffering the negative aspects. They therefore chose the latter.

******* 5

For anarchism, they would hardly hesitate between involvement, responsibility which helps to do without authorities and the absence of hierarchy, because it is a consequence of the latter, the hierarchical structure shapes behavior around the struggle for power. However, removing power requires putting in place an alternative system so that there is no call from the empty place. In any case there is no real anarchism, but above all anarchists, each trying to develop their own system in the manner of this synthesis.

For shamanism, they would realize that it is already a form of synergistic pre-synthesis, all the universes of different cultures being connected and capable to communicate and evolve together. Especially in the manner of this synthesis and unlike most religions, except for example among the Cathars, the Lutherans and the Wiccans, women are not oppressed. They would hesitate between flexibility and simplicity, complexity and often the screen of lies, to choose the first because it is a guarantee that whoever uses a tool is not enslaved by it.

For chaos magic, they would hesitate between the paradigm jump and Nothing is true, everything is permitted, which means that there is no objective reality outside of perceptions and therefore that all things are possible. Which is already present in the Zos Kia cult of Austin Osman Spare. And especially because of the use of theories and tools from other cults in order to shape reality, they would sense that this and shamanism are the two breasts at the source of this synthesis.

******* 6

At this point the musics would wonder if they really understood the question. The wisdom and madness of the headless walkman seemed to be closer to two reagents whose meeting was especially likely to cause an explosion. Was their way of doing things really relevant because most of these keys were already scattered in the writings of the headless walkman. The task of establishing this synthesis would seem pharaonic to them, because even after eliminating the redundant keys, the number of samples would seem far too high and incompressible for anyone interested in it and, above all, unable to find their way around it. So they would prefer to abandon Burroughs' electronic revolution, very close to the concept of narration developed by the headless walkman, although they are a very interesting operating tool. Likewise the psychedelia of Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, McKenna, Lilly, Etc. Or the Wicca, Inca, Celtic and Egyptian religions would fall by the wayside. Moreover, it would have looked more like a vast summary than a synthesis, if a certain coherence had not begun to emerge... after re-reading the first samples, they would discover that a hermaphrodite image would form, anarchism evoking the lingam, Jung's psychoanalysis with its hidden god : the collective unconscious, could well be its yoni. The key to restored humanity.
Then, seeking to better understand the image that had been formed, they would ask themselves if they had neglected anything.
What makes the basis of capitalism, private property, so anchored in humanity?
It is not only anchored in the mind, but in the body as well. His credo is: Power, money and... sex. Anything that can become an addiction, chemical, psychological or organic drugs.

They then sampled tantrism, to incorporate the way of articulating body and mind, in order to achieve harmony and thus free relationships from sexual tensions. In fact, the majority of the elements of the utopian model of society presented in Aldous Huxley's Island were present in their synthesis. They also sampled proprietary non-exclusivity as applied by Carl Gustav Jung in his life. The Epicurean Carpe Diem linked to hedonism in popular culture completed the other two, because behind the full awareness of the present moment hides the full presence of the 3 elements mind, body and heart which contribute to happiness.

Having reached this point, they would realize that these teachings were only relevant because they had been experienced in their lives. They felt that the first step of the synthesis was behind them, by sampling the past, they realized that what mattered was above all this imprint left in them by their journey.

******* 7

So while we're at it, failing to be able to reduce these samples, it is possible that sources directly from the life of the headless walkman, which he had encoded in his creations, are relevant for sampling the present. This may seem capillotracted because they come from the past, but they nourish the present well. And this would avoid the risk of drowning in too many sources.
So they began to sample 5 of his audio-visual creations:
- of the oneiric mirror, killing the head, at the same time freeing oneself from the constraints of reason and that of the leader: the abortion of the ego.
- of the revolution of the hands, parrhesia, the congruence between thoughts and actions, at the same time establishing a real contact, an unfiltered exchange of being to be. Which is only possible in a permanent revolution where nothing is closed.
- from ordaly found footage, flexibility, that a support is only a support, beyond the form the invitation to desacralization touches everything, to call into question all certainties, to dare all the transgressions which have no impact on anyone else. and only on oneself.
- of transfixion, the mirror is two-way, the other knows you better, the importance of the external eye.
- of capitalism equals cannibalism, the importance of not only getting rid of power, but also setting up a system, such as mobile coordination, to prevent the call of the void from bringing back another power... And above all the inversion of the chain of causality, the problem which masquerades as the solution, which claims to be indispensable when in reality it prevents all forms of alternatives.

This is how, despite their progress, they end up realizing that whatever the sample, as soon as it is noted, there is a risk of stratification. A synthetic, non-dogmatic religion can only be mobile, everything changes, so even its bases need to constantly evolve. And above all it does not need to be noted, I will even go further, it cannot be entirely defined without disappearing, it is not a slave to reason, it is in constant interaction, it is a system living based on their feeling.
Proven in life.

They discover in the first stage that the questioning process is more important than the answer and in the second that turning away from the search for questioning is even more important, to access the perception of reality through experience.

There is nothing that cannot be transformed, as long as we free ourselves from the belief in any limits, whatever path it may take, if energy is used to shape reality, reality will find how to accommodate these changes within itself.
The inner and outer world evolve together once they communicate freely, they adjust and balance each other.

In a very meta approach, they would just try to understand as best as possible the thoughts that would come to their minds, while asking themselves, if at a given moment the synthetic agglomerate, by incorporating antagonisms, would not risk going "pschiiit ". The synthesis of enlightenment being ultimately only the observation of the necessity of the absence of religion. Recognize that the only reality that exists is an individual belief system. The space previously occupied by religion would then be filled by individual belief systems, whatever they may be, which would force them to deal with other systems, on an equal footing, if they wish to communicate and they could do it much better than through the filter of religions.

There is not one truth, but as many as being alive.
In other words, as I already said previously in the little parenthesis, that everyone develops a unique spirituality, this may seem particularly annoying from a strictly rational point of view, like that sounds like chaos, but it is neither more nor less than what occurs behind the lure of a common belief. Reality is a fiction, whatever the measurements, the so-called objective data are integrated into a composite subjective framework, which is ultimately a curious mixture of real data and fictitious data, what we call an individual reality. And as these spiritualities are composite, there would be enough junctions, common points, to be able to transpose the structures and communicate. Indeed, when you think about it, it’s very close to a language. A language for thought.

And very close to delirium, to something crazy, but as you say, it is already what is under the veneer, and recognizing it allows you to no longer be the slave of appearances. And to finally be able to build something other than a house of cards hybridized with a palace of mirrors... An illusion, when we are aware that everything is just an illusion, does not have a weaker potential for belief. We are not going to do the analysis showing to what extent we are reorganizing life in this way, just to emphasize that dream time takes its place, that this brings back a balance between mythos and logos, by offering a less biased cosmogony, because we have awareness that it is only a cosmogony. A simple mechanistic system that can support everyone's aspirations.

And so you have all these keys, what are you going to do with them, what is going to happen?
You will open all the doors, because you know how to make a key.
But also you know how to make a door. See even how to do without walls.
Obviously I didn't tell you, but you always knew. You have the synthesis of enlightenment, not a table of commandments, a bible, a tractatus or a manifesto. Just a Do-It-Yourself method. Not to build one more religion, but as many as living beings. Just free yourself from the gods.
What the voice of the musics, the voices of the wise/mad offers to humanity, is spirituality in all its diversity, without a chapel or a guru being able to seize it, or receive it as an offering of blinded yants.
Like the Diamond Sutra, it may just be a soap bubble destined to burst, but is there a better way to know yourself for a snake than to bite its tail?
So can we begin the time of synthesis, a new age that is not a new age, just what things could always be if we remembered who we are and how far we can go.
And why everything matters, when everyone matters. All this and more.
Everyone can bring their own material, mutate, transform, try all things.
You have in your hands one of the fruits of free culture. The art of sampling, of making loops with your thoughts to achieve trance. Collectively creating a dream that resembles us, intertwined, an amalgamation of all our dreams, this third step is our future.

At the end the voice laughs, maybe because if you can understand that, you don't need it.
And then the wise/fool laughed in turn, his laughter sounding more like that of a clown after a good joke.

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