Hayleen Lömi by Puff & Duff

Netlabel: Stomoxine recordsSTX01
Released: 02 Nov 2005

Puff & Duff, it is a guitar (eOLe) directly connected with a computer, real time sampled and modified (Shape2).

Permanent oscillation between conflict and harmony, sweetness and fury, clean and saturated sound, Puff and Duff's music alternates between unconsciousness, madness, and idealistic reason.

The perfect symbiosis of the guitar and the computer erases the limits between the instrument and the machine and creates new tones reminding organ, bells or surf of waves.

Improvised psychedelic experiment or score followed literally? Nobody can say what it is there really. You just have to listen to in the peace, in a black room, and to be taken by the sound in this other universe...

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