In Extremis Ex Nihilo Sound Artefact Capture Performance by PIRATE Tapes

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP131
Released: 25 Sep 2021
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    In Extremis Ex Nihilo Sound Artefact Capture Performance
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The Necrophile Hummingbird presents "Performance d'extraction d'un artefact sonore ex nihilo in extremis" by PIRATE Tapes. First of 2 concerts recorded before and after the first lockdown. A way to show how the spontaneous music that we call "improvisation" is slightly closer of Karlheinz Stockhausen's intuitive music than of the jazz improvisation. Indeed it's mostly a live session as we use to do when we records one of our album before split it in several parts and title them as tracks... but with public.
Merely nothing prepared, we plug and play that's all : total improvisation.

Improvised music recorded live the 23th February 2023 at the 36 Art Gallery of Dole (france) "In Extremis Ex Nihilo Sound Artefact Capture Performance" aka "Performance d'extraction d'un Artefact Sonore Ex Nihilo In Extremis". Musique quasi totalement improvisée à la Galerie du 36 de Dole (france) le 23 février 2023. Si le titre n'est pas assez explicite, la performance improvisée consistait a dévoiler les mystères de la capture d'un Objet Sonore Non Identifié...

Free Download in Wav & Flac on the bandcamp

Original Photography by Aurélien Benoist

Members :
Alain Grille (Electric Guitar & FX)
Ed End (Kaossilator, electric frequency generator, turntable & FX)

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