st by Phoneyusa

Netlabel: Stomoxine recordsSTX06
Released: 20 Sep 2009
Genres: Indie Rock Noise

For the autumne, Stomoxine, tidy his desk and scrape the barrel looking for little lost jewel... Among a dozen of old cd's and tapes appears Phoneyusa !
This unique improvised duo go on during only an afternoon. Fran "Love" Cunistar (Shapeless, Peggy Lux...) and el KID kaÏD (Overflow.inc...) recorded only one time together, the 03/03/2001 in the rehearsal studio n°2 on the subsoil of the Florida (Agen, Fr).
This two artists of the no wave scene of Agen from the end of the 90's and the beginning of the 00's, equipped with 2 electric guitars, effects, some microphones, a piano and some latchkeys, will record 6 tracks ; features: prepared piano, screams, ultra-saturated and reflected guitars, delays, distortions, percussions, giving to the music no wave accents a la Glenn Branca, DNA, Sonic Youth, to the noisy-punk high point of "Mad On A".

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