Darkness Is Knocking At My Door by Ouranoise & Ed End

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP148
Released: 06 May 2022
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    Darkness Is Knocking At My Door...
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The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents Darkness is knocking at my door by Ouranoise and Ed End.
"Witch Rock for Unborn People".

About the surface of this album :

Do you remember ?
When the first time you really met another being.
No shapes matter.
I notice that sometime with very sensitive people, some may call this people empaths, it's like we've never been severed.
This kind of unborn children may be still linked to everything, like perhaps before the birth. I can be wrong, but it seems the case of Ouranoise.
Also seems it's my own case and maybe that's half why, since my name is Ed End I feel non-binary, darkness and light melt in an inextricable way, the other half may be because of how the patriarchal society is violent against the women as well sometime disallow elementary right as well to own their bodies.
Or it's just the fruit of my imagination. Indeed, like so many, my father was violent and my mother for example was unable to say or show that she loved me.
Anyway, that's not the plot. So what would be music if not a fundamental element of the meeting process. The vibrations finding their phases. Tuning. Perhaps the result of love and life melt is o and i overlaid. One of the symbolism analysis possible is that the other dot is replicated inside the o becoming 2.
And again and again each time we meet someone. Sounds crazy ? I don't know.
I'm walking through life with my eyes blinded to keep my other sens wide open.
No rational process in action. Only fluid moves thru the possible fields.
So Ouranoise musical universe met my musical universe and I'm so happy to share this music with you.

About the depths of this album :

Perhaps it would be not that far in the style index of death rock or darkwave or postpunk...
Let's dig this with a little of the story about this improvised track. Many of the last tracks recorded are far too long for usual listeners habits.
So first I extracted the most significant parts of them or reduced them to the essential.
Thinking myself that I'm often listening to shorter tracks. But next because I like to think the long time listeners of the netlabel are really open mind, and also that I enjoy these tracks for the trance inducing repetitive effect, so I chose to do not mutilate them, thinking it could coin a new style : Mantra Wave.

Actually, this one is more created like a sort of 45 rpm Single track which really do not care of any limitations.

Last few days ago I was reading Twilight of the idols and was so disappointed with what it shows about Nietzsche, being very different of what I thought when I read Also Sprach Zarathustra...
I realized to what level it's possible that a book can be far different of the writer thoughts behind. So I choose to keep sharing my point of view,
but I'm warning you to never forget that the music matter more than any of my words.
Or for this release my opinion is the more relevant thing to do is to really listen the poetry of Ouranoise :

An ode to the darkness

The obsessive compulsive of the literal captive disorder of tales and boiling horns lying on its side looks at you so that you smile and see your face in the
you caress with your voices the dream come true where the sweet sacred darkness kneels while kissing its hands of ether until the light appeared
faint whisper of the little birds that wake up to sing those who are being born among the trees their eyes of different colors twinkle to find the infinite seed of the sky and a fresh wind enters my soul to remember that my arms learned to fly like them
now the moon shines for me
now the sun does me good
I love you now and I will love you forever
I just want to be inside you and feel your soul melt with mine
those dreams that come true in the darkness so clear and full of your eyes

looking for delirium the mind closed looking for the void the present is felt and in a sung verse the sun grows as if it were the first day of life
through your hands the oracle of the magicians makes me read the creativity that I possess I am the sweet firmament of the golden in the sunset
I am the full cup of the magician and the heavenly love of lovers
I am that sky full of stars that become light to go through you and kiss you while I rise with you to the imagination of life.

Good listen & thanks a lot for the support.
ed end

Dedicated to all those who are aware that intuitive mode is the key to allow deep changes without their fundamental difference being block by rational deny mode or misguided by any ersatz process generating only superficial changes.
May self-knowledge be a blessing to walk out of the dark ages.

Ed End

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