Ethereal - Remixes by Marc Burt

Netlabel: Toucan Musictou299
Released: 11 Jul 2014
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    Ethereal (Aerologic progressive remix)
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    Ethereal (Aerologic uplifting remix)
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    Ethereal (Blastculture steampunk remix)
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Marc Burt's track Ethereal is revisited with three new remixes in this Toucan Music release. Aerologic's upfront mix adds trance riffs with plenty of reverb, leading into the trademark squelchy acid riff and uplifting pads from the original. The progressive mix takes the acid riff and builds it into a complete track with plenty of warped filter action, pausing only in the middle to add some electro chords. Blastculture's steampunk remix takes snippets of the bassline and acid riff, warping them with his trademark progressive house sound to create a funky dancefloor groove.

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