ASMR indoor and outdoor by KeepSleep

Netlabel: Label CuntrollCUNTROLL138
Released: 09 Oct 2019
Genres: Abstract Ambient
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    ASMR indoor and outdoor
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    Ship cabin
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    Summer night wind
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Artist: KeepSleep
Album: ASMR indoor and outdoor
Country: China
Style: Ambient, ASMR
Format: mp-3, 320 kbps
Label: Cuntroll
Catalog#: 138
Date: 2019
Time: 42:53 min
Size: 102 mb

01 - ASMR indoor and outdoor
02 - Bathroom
03 - Ship cabin
04 - Summer night wind

The fifth official album from KeepSleep is the ASMR / Ambient project from China. Traditionally, the release includes 4 tracks and consists of recordings of various objects on a 3D microphone and light background electronic textures.

"This summer album is special for me. I recorded sounds at home, on walks and on travel. I want to list the main ideas. Home recording: fingering objects on the desktop, rustling with packaging and paper, the sounds of scissors and nails, a quiet metal rattle, a touch of brushes, jars of sand and water. The whole track is dedicated to the sounds and rustles in the bathroom. It turned out very intimate. On a walk around the field, I saw a makeshift device that was apparently used to scare away birds. In the wind, it made a very hypnotic and consistent knock. To this I added a light and a low rumble".

“On vacation, I managed to get on a small cruise on a ship with morning scuba diving. This track has a strange cabin crack, deck noise, submersion and the sounds of old vinyl. I hope you enjoy my experts. Listen in headphones before sleep, "— Maya.

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