Netlabel: Ultra Vague | Uvarious Artistsuvr1503
Released: 14 May 2015

Jimmy Spoon's third release was written in collaboration with American producer LBN667. Ambient sounds, tending to future garage and Lo-Fi roughness is a recognisable feature of LBN667. Having combining an unusual singing manner for electronic music and LBN667's textures from beyond, Jimmy Spoon made a mix that is hard to describe. There are some strong emotions in the "Flow", these emotions develop into a solid conceptual story. It's a deep and lyrical yet experimental work. It takes five tracks to take a listener through various layers and themes such as human relations and parallel worlds. With this record Jimmy got one step closer to his own sounding - nothing is restraining his singing tending to bluesy ardor and gothic detachment at the same time. Label: Ultra Vague Recordings

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