Entrance Room by Jean D.L.

Netlabel: Stomoxine recordsSTX04
Released: 23 Mar 2007
Genres: Drone Noise

Rocked by the loss of marks and meanings, Jean D.L. (Belgium), one of the creation platform Social Fashion Records protagonists, blurs tracks. Vaporous atmospheres, time supsension, minimalism and momentariness, it is in the imaging of an anguished solitude and haunted by a durable feeling of distraction that the artist pursues his search for peculiarity.
Music, very generalized way of expression, is to be knocked down, to be disrupted, to be smashed, to reduce or to maximize; it is indeed the extremes which animate the musician, flirting by the frequent diversion of a bruised guitar as well with the noise as with his extreme silence - what tends to keep silence-, without ever trying to domesticate the complexity of sound and of its unavowable anecdotes.

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