Tohu Wa Bohu Disc 1 by Invisible Illusion

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP137
Released: 31 Oct 2021
  • 1
    Painful Disruption
  • 2
    Dance Over Disaster
  • 3
    Solar Feast
  • 4
    Drought Spell
  • 5
    Lorem Ipsum Incantation
  • 6
    The Fall Of Babylon
  • 7
    Hope Above All
  • 8
    Swallowed By Darkness
  • 9
    Yes, Wiccan
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The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel and Internet Daemon (Cian Orbe Netlabel) present
Tohu Wa Bohu Disc 1 & 2
"Unreal Music for Real People" or "Real Music for Unreal People" ?

Disc 1 in free download here
Disc 2 in free download here

I'm very happy that the first Invisible Illusion is a split with Humanfobia. I orientated my sound with this project to be closer of witch house style for example because of Cian Orbe Netlabel compilations like this one and also because we share very close ideas about free music.
This is not the first time we do a split, we already did one "Strange Pearls" with other projects. But this time the process is slightly different, and that's why this is not a rADio eNd album, last summer I sent the raw improvisation session to Humanfobia and they created these upgraded tracks listenable on disc 2. And next I reworked a little the raw tracks adding one or two layers on one, reading poetry on another one and that's the disc 1.

While I was trying hard to cut out the Gordian knot about how to organise this split album, thinking about to melt our contributions in the playlist or to follow the rhythm progression for Humanfobia playlist etc, I noticed Humanfobia choice to base their tracks on the 10 egyptian plagues instead of me who based it on the seven plagues of the apocalypse. So I kept the 10 plagues order for the playlist and split the album in two discs.
This to point out that what could seems a missunderstanding could be more meaningfull about the way these two propheties could be link.
Same way I'm not that much in apocalypse topic, really not into collapsology I didn't choice the theme, it comes by itself. But I noticed that in addition of "The World is Over !", and despite it's still not achieve we've got a Multiple Personality 3 album called Glauko Psyche waiting since several years amongst other things like the french lyrics of Paroxysmic Rhapsody with that sort of end of time theme. Perhaps it's only because that I feel everything around, I don't make any statement about it I just think there are many signs. So perhaps the way this album is organise could talk about the way it's organise between real life and myths, who knows ?
I can only hope each one is conscious about the disasters humanity is spreading over this world.
And that we will not let this rot like a larva wasting its ressources before turn into butterfly and then diying stupidly.
But that we will do obvious choices to stop all this shit. There is a time to think and a time to act.

Last thing this is a share of free culture, and it's not a hasard if there are two poems ( In french here ) from an anonymous writer in this album,
free culture is not only the opposite of property but also of narcissic behavior. It was so good to read the writer answer to do whatever I want because its writing owns itself.
This is one of Brion Gysin & William S Burroughs legacy : the Cut-Up teaching shows that most of the artist live only with the illusion to be generator,
because everything is a permanent mix of conscious and subconscious sources. Others know they are only mediums and care of their artworks that way. I mean if we bring children on earth it's for they do their own choices. Not to be steril clones stuck in a loop.

I struggle for free culture since more than 20 years because the free share of ressources seems for me the key for a world no more rule by nations or multinational corporations.
And that's one of the things I'm talking about we are all connected to each one, and we need to get ride of the separation illusion.
Invisible Illusion may be a kind of key.

[Virtual free release party for Tohu Wa Bohu here with more infos in the discussion...]

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But nothing talking as well than the music.

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