Thee Mystery Unveiled by Invisible Illusion

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP147
Released: 22 Apr 2022
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    A Magical Initiation
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    Behind Thee Translucide Veil
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The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents Thee Mystery Unveiled by Invisible Illusion.
"Esoteric Music for Illuminated People".

About the surface of this album :

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." (Fake Lao Tzu quote, which might come from Chuang Tzu talking about the transformation of things )
Unthinkable, like in the psychedelic experience when you touch something and are unable to be bring it back in human consciousness, letting us with the question : from where this is coming ?
Indeed, the trademark of this netlabel...
Really the fruit of many changes. Another Invisible Illusion’s album more noise was planned to be release first but it’s now in standby, maybe because it’s too long for my actual tastes. Also, because despite there is a plan I try my best to learn and it seems the split form of the two first albums is not so relevant. Finally, I prefer the form we used with the two sides of Beyond Magick Dreams A-Side & B-Side by Multiple Personality 3 for example. This record could sounds like the right next after OVER CAN, but in fact it’s the opposite, we achieved it just before to worked out OVER CAN.
So, don't be surprise if the borderline between Invisible Illusion and Pirate Tapes is actually very thin : it's a collaboration with Studio 112.

About the depths of this album :

Perhaps I could talk about the super ego in Isis Unveiled by H.P Blavatsky. And so explain that the mysterious signal, that many sensitive persons or precogs, like would say Philip K. Dick, is only coming from another part of each one hidden beyond a veil. Because of the latency, some do not understand that it creates a kind of reflection of our acts. So if instead to use it like any feedback system, we try to follow these orders we just get insane, the same way that someone looking into the mirror will fall into a mise en abîme…
I could...
But I may already talked about it in the presentation of the Necktar 2017 v2 related to this book… or somewhere else. And it’s definitively better to understand it by yourself than to read it from someone else.
If not, at that point you could feel close to face a magician showing his tricks...
What’s the point to live, if we can’t experiment by ourself ?

Good listen & thanks a lot for the support.
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Video Art Clip
Soon or later here

Special thoughts to someone very dear to my friend Studio 112.

Dedicated to everyone aware that despite trying to live without any veils, behind each one there is another one, only invisible at this point. May the sūtra of the diamond be a blessing to advance in your quest.

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