Interconnexions by Diatribes

Netlabel: Stomoxine recordsSTX02
Released: 09 Apr 2006
Genres: Experimental Jazz

Datribes began its existence under another name d’incise d’où inductions in a Geneva basement in winter 2004. The idea behind the band was to mix three distinct sources (wind, percussion and electronic) in order to develop a malleable mass of sound. The saxophone and drums get confused with the treatment of their own sound, in a primary dance, where construction and destruction coexist, and envy and disgust unite. The relationship with the audience is deep and intimate. Dreams and fears become noise and silence.
Magnetic encounter of a formation exploding with the desire of pure free expression, putting forward the interaction of its members, their intensity and their fluctuating levels of energy. A breath, shivers crepitate, rumblings, a mass emerges, fracas and chaos, between free jazz and electro acoustic.
A type of rage too long contained, a feeling of disenchantment with a society that leaves us in a state of doubt. Infused with the urban nature of our lives, the sound builds itself up, distorts itself, tears itself away from reason, implodes and becomes a dream that lies behind our eyelids.

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