Released: 16 Jun 2021

Jonathan Gall is a member of the group Auto, besides developing his solo work with voice, electronics and concrete objects. Jon creates loops in realtime with his voice; stacks and deconstructs layers of sound. Crise Vitória (Victory Crisis) is a noise entity that manifests itself through Guilherme Darisbo. A wall of sound built with amplified silence. Silence is everything we decide not to hear. We do not hear what bothers.

Jonathan and Crise got together for a series of three short shows. The full recording of all of them is on this half hour record. Yes, they were pretty short shows.

Jonathan Gall: voice, electronics
Crise Vitória: Guilherme Darisbo, electronics

Recorded and mastered by Darisbo
Sleeve by Darisbo on art by Gall

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