Noise of Warehouse (Ephedrin7") by BASSOUND

Netlabel: Ephedrina NetlabelEPH061
Released: 24 May 2013
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    LatoA - Hub (ft. Ni'En Bhed)
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    LatoB - Back in Maga
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Mr Bassound proviene da Luni in Provincia di La Spezia
facente parte della carissima e sempre
disponibile TYPE KONNECTION CREW (netlabel&webradioshow)
per l'ennesima volta raccoglie le sue forze oscure
e ci regala due tracce lunatiche e trippose
da inserire nelle vostre cuffiette senza chiacchere,
lo avete già accolto e ascoltato nella release dei DUEANNI
ed ora lo potete ascoltare in questo
NOISE OF WAREHOUSE nella versione Ephedrina7"

LatoA - Hub (ft. Ni'En Bhed)
LatoB - Back in Maga
Grown up in Turin in a fervid and upper context,
Angelino aka Bassound comes in the djing
panorama at the very beginning of 2010.

In that period he attends the Puddhu Bar school,
where his friends and masters
The Dreamers give him the possibility to open several nights along Murazzi.

From that moment his interest for drum and bass and dubstep music arises and he starts creating on his own.

From may 2011 he is a member of Type Konnection Crew,
with which he organizes parties and events
between Tuscany and Liguria.

He collaborates at the TypeKonnection free netlabel's project,
an adventure promoted by his friend Xenodrome
at the beginning of 2012,
which aim is to promote independent underground
music of local and international artists.

With his crew he is also involved in a radio podcast
produced by Sonik Studio (La Spezia),
a project in which he plays on decks.

As an artist, his productions are basically minimal,
careful to bass quality
and pervaded by deep drum and bass.
JOIN THE Lab: http://ephedrinanetlabel.wordpress.com/

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