dissolve grains ep by atabey

Netlabel: insectoramainsectorama049
Released: 27 Nov 2011
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atabey is back on insectorama with his new dubtechno ep. 9 tracks over 70minutes of warm deep dubby chords echo delay 4/4 pattern construct. with rmxs from zzzzra and markus masuhr. the right sound for the cold days.

atabey - dissolve grains
atabey - as we drift
atabey - drinking birds
atabey - bella vista
atabey - dissolve grains [zzzzra edit]
atabey - dissolve grains [markus masuhr structure edit]
atabey - as we drift [markus masuhr remote additive]
atabey - drinking birds [markus masuhr pattern edit]
atabey - drinking birds [markus masuhr re-edit]

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