Mentiras by Amaus

Netlabel: MYRDALMYSG009
Released: 29 Oct 2018
Genres: Electronic Latin Pop

Official video:

Debut single by the reggaetonero artist Amaus, extracted from his Reflexus EP.
Amaury Castillo is a new mexican artist who decided to follow the path of urban music such as Dancehall, Trap and Reggaeton after being bored of passing through Rock and Heavy Metal bands without relevance. His musical education started while playing in the Esperanza Azteca Orchestra and listening to Classic Rock albums at home.

People catalogue Amaus' music into the vain of artists like Danny Ocean, MC Peligro, C. Tangana and actual mainstream Pimp Flaco's songs. Amaury's career has been supported by Trap music communities aorund the Internet and some youtubers like Brittany Jazz.




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