Aerologic vs Blastculture by Aerologic

Netlabel: Toucan Musictou314
Released: 27 Sep 2015
Genres: Tech House
  • 1
    Escapade (Blastculture locked room remix)
  • 2
    Jangle (Blastculture viscous mix)
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Blastculture presents two remixes of Aerologic tracks. In his remix of Escapade, Blastculture drops in funky house rhythms and deep driving sub-bass alongside snippets of the original Aerologic synths to create another pumping late night dancefloor groove. Teasing us by starting with a loop from the original Jangle riff, when the beat drops two minutes into his other remix we are once again presented with pure Blastculture funk - the melody stops and the driving tribal house beats and glitchy effects kick right in.

Release photo by Thomas Berg on Flickr and used here under a BY-SA Creative Commons licence.

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