Fusée Pétard Volant by À Travers

Netlabel: Da ! Heard It RecordsD​!​HR​-​41
Released: 16 Apr 2019

For its 41st release, Da ! Heard It Records is receiving a weak signal…

Everything starts with a faraway sound, a buzzing growing more and more present. A light pulse then discretely joins in with a wave that intensifies little by little. The radars turn to find where it’s originating from. The matter gets bigger and announced a compact sonorous mass. A slow, crushed rhythm settles in and supports this mysterious form. In stationary flight for a part of the album, the strange apparatus gives sort of the impression that it is scanning a presence, passing through the listener, frozen in this obscure sci-fi décor. Coded messages, percussive morse code, LFOs of all kinds, and sonic twitches still attempt a first contact, as if it were trying to coldly grasp the substance of our world. From one speaker to the next, the chirpings interact while in the background, a purring wanders now and then in the landscape, fragmented by the flow’s power.
So listen to this tape whose handmade wrapping with technological titles invites us to take it all with a sense of humor. Onboard the engine where rhythm boxes and machines of all sorts sweep through space without ever landing, a facetious parisian duo turns the knobs of a complex dashboard…
Right now, you’re wandering distractly through this album, thinking that perhaps you haven’t understood a word of this text. You’re just passing (through) À Travers.

Fusée Pétard Volant, Da ! Heard It Record’s 41th release, is distributed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND. The album can be listened to and downloaded freely at the following link:

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