Misspelled Records

Location: Australia

tarted in 2006.Misspelled is a platform for experimental sound artists to explore and share their ideas without limitations or boundaries.
Misspelled releases experimental electronic music across the world wide web through mostly digital format and cd releases.
We would like to hear what you do.
Please, send us only your complete concept album or properly named best full-length tracks
— in mp3, .wav, .flac formats
— CBR 320 kbps,
— 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rate
— 16-bit depth
via or any other fileshare site, as long as we do not need to create an account to download.
Be sure to enclose short description of yourself, your background and plans regarding the release.
Submissions which do not meet the above indicated requirements will be ignored.
To contact us please send an email to


This netlabels has no releases