Lost Children Netlabel

Location: UK

Lost Children is a small netlabel for Instrumental/Experimental/Post-Rockish kind of bands. We aim to provide you with free downloads of EPs and Full Lengths from our website on the netlabel section at the, which can be found by following this link :

We release music for bands under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license, which allows the music and artwork for the release to be freely distributed and shared around in varying formats as long as no profit is made, but not to be used without permission for any TV, Radio, Film, etc purposes and not to be used to produce any further works e.g. remixes, sampled, general plagiarism. Should you wish to use any of the releases for these purposes please either contact Lost Children or the artists directly for permission.

Releasing music for free on a netlabel may seem like an odd ideology in a world where fame and wealth are often coveted, but the bands and releases associated with Lost Children display a passion for music wherein they would prefer that people heard and enjoy their work regardless of whether they benefit personally.

We are currently recruiting some of the great young bands coming up to get their limited releases to a wider audience and these bands truly deserve some support. So if you should like a band you hear please don’t hesitate to forward the names and links on to others!


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