Laptop Hooligans

Location: UK

Laptop Hooligans net label started in 2011 by the sound & vision artist ETHNOMITE PUX. It has collaborated with Sirona Records (Fr), NonProFit net label, Lobit, Cubiculo Noise Recordings, Effluvia Recordings, Rainbowdiving Butterflies, Lpnl, Genetic Trance, Kermesse Records, The Hummingbird Necrophile (Fr) and Mindblasting.
Interested in collaborating with other artists/net labels.
ANTI-FILM is Barbarians screaming PSYCHO has tits and cocks ripping assholes and GREAT MUSIC.
ANTI-FILM has no sentimental narrative.
ANTI-FILM uses special effects.
IT is optional if footage is plundered from pornographic sources.
Glittering eye-sockets peer out at us as our own eyes search for cues to where the onscreen anarchy will take us.

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