Fresh yO! Label

Location: Italy

Fresh yO! Label, founded in 2010, is the brainchild of Suzywan (SE) and Simone Brillarelli (IT).
We release FUN, FRESH, COOL and NICE music.
Most of our catalog is free download but we also print cute 7 "vinyl.
We are not focused on a genre because our motto is:

Expect from our catalogue the wildest dance producer as the weirdest rapper as the most introverted Folkman: we love music and we are always looking for artists with unique and unmistakable styles to grow with us.
We believe that music is at the same time, maximum expression of musician's individualism and a gathering point that involves our team in find new creative ways of expression to bring the freshest stuff to our listeners!
Each release is a story, a completely different new world that translates into images in motion, so in 2011 we decided to collaborate with the italian graphic designer "Jonathan Calugi" to bring us a brand new identity.
Our aim is to discover and promote eclectic artists and small musical gems hidden in the folds of a surplus production.