(2×2)² by XtetX

Netlabel: eg0cide productionseg0_144
Released: 08 Aug 2015
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    Codestruction Metasystem Beta
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    Negentropic Delta Modelling
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This 2nd album of the XtetX was recorded before the first published one Nabemono (recorded in may 2015). At this time (november-december 2014), the XtetX had no name yet, and comprised only 3 members : Jules/Valentin, Kecap Tuyul and Missing O. Their will to play with other improvisers progressively led them to define themselves as an open collective with a variable team, rather than a band with a permanent staff.

The title (2X2)² is an allusion to the album 2X2 (eg0cide productions, 2012) which contained two duos of Kecap Tuyul, one with Charles premier (who later became his partner in Half Evidence), one with Mathew Tyas. This new album also contains two duos of Kecap Tuyul, one with Missing O, one with Jules/Valentin. Like in the first volume, these were the first recordings of these duos.

Release page : http://wp.me/pcVRA-NI

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