Uvarious Artists VOL.10 by Various Artists

Netlabel: Ultra Vague | Uvarious Artistsuvr2031
Released: 14 Mar 2021

All occupational engagements are certainly meant for ultimate liberation. They should never be performed for material gain. Furthermore, according to sages, one who is engaged in the ultimate occupational service should never use material gain to cultivate sense gratification.

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.9

This compilation brings you some acoustic sound from several prominent singer-songwriters across the globe. It has only three tracks with an electronic touch, which is quite unusual for Uvarious Artists compilation series. Besides, we celebrate our 10th edition.
released November 30, 2020

Hey folks, we are putting out our 10th Uvarious Artists compilation. "UA" had its start back in 2010 and covered a long way reaching 2020. Since that time a lot of things changed. The label has changed its name from "Ultra Vague" to "Uvarious Artists", but there's one thing left unchanged, fantastic music we keep sharing with you guys.

Through the years "UA" brought you dozens of established and aspiring artists from 20+ countries, covering genres we love the most - electronic downtempo, and trip-hop with an inclination to singer-songwriter, cinematic and indie-folk songs.

Feel free to hit the link below to submit your music.

Stay put,
Fudo Kazuki, CEO
Uvarious Artists

Cover Photo: Fudo Kazuki
Design: Fudo Kazuki

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