Tribute to ESCC9 by Various Artists

Netlabel: Cian OrbeCIOR-375
Released: 07 Feb 2020
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This is a Cian Orbe / Witch Spectra tribute
to the work of Zean O'brien, founder of the defunct netlabels: ESCC9 (2010-2016)
Later renamed as "Lux Aura" also defunct (2016-2020)

For find all the original albums/ep's,Check the full releases of ESCC9 in:

totally apart the Lux Aura Releases are in:

Each track composed by each artist.
Compiled, collage artwork design Sábila Orbe.
Artists links:

- PrismViews:
- Black Sun:
- Liquid Skulls:
- Young Egypt:
- Seven Daggers:
- zxz:
- Zoomonk:
- Lizzie Stardust:
- Enix Enri:
- Drrty Pharms:
- Central Asian Nervous Systems:
- Cyborgs on Crack:
- Argon Cowboy:
- Material Action:
- Volkanos:

Zean O'brien projects:
- Zanye East:
- Saint Effects (with Sara Karipr in vocals):
- Sacred Star:
- Faux Musica:
- CyberChrist&Crucifixion:
- Folding Pyramid:

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