electronic washroom vol.3 by Various Artists

Netlabel: insectoramainsectorama020
Released: 15 Oct 2008
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insectorama presents the 3rd compilation with 31 tracks and artists from all over the world.with many new artists and old veterans of the netabelscene.from minimal to dub, from idm to techhouse, from techno to new wave retro electro punk. thats the big 1 year insectorama compilation and we say thanks to all artists for this great music and thanks to a listeners.

01.audiofem - philosophical review
02.rossella - logistic intelligence
03.bitchie hottin - unknown
04.markus masuhr - misanplace
05.doppeklick - marving
06.kreative zukunft - reiten im walde
07.markojux - clock worx
08.franky ros - ist kein warum
09.manu bermejo - next we have
10.minimal cadets - last train to leipzig
11.pop_3 - minime et floue
12.ramon leon - frida & tobi
13.leoncio - sexy pony generation - merria
15.fel - un paseo por el barrio
16.liquid level - michael myer´s halloween theme
17.thomas mccluskey - infected
18.madame wish - b.c.
19.meedragon - trek two - for a short circuit
21.7am - dead pixel
22.senoa - nothingz
23.dimomib - ethnovibey
24.dandyesque - gybsy and jasmine
25.thorsten maier - herbstzeit
26.tony moog - wild generation
27.igo - rockself dot com
28.malfunction - step1
29.digitaria - jet pilot poem ii
30.les meches anglaises - free like us

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