Anatomy of a maniac - Xanix - Radio edit by Various Artists

Netlabel: earshelteringearSr03
Released: 12 Jan 2019
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    XANIX radio edit
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XANIX version radio:

Cortex : Fragmaniak I
Finalcut : Sur le fil du rasoir
Jay Chattaway : On The Beach (Maniac OST)
Straiph : Spoil with spoons
-cutman- : Eine kleine Messermusik
Astron : To J. S.
ETAT DES STOCKS (remix by Planetaldol) : Ballade pour un maniaque
RipiT : Fancy Girls in Fancy Dresses
Cortex : Fragmaniak II
Planetaldol : L’instant secret
Iloj Tone : J. S. Spirit lives on… (extract from)
Jay Chattaway : Apocalypse New York (Maniac OST)
Human Flesh : Générique imaginaire
Circonferen6.x : Dawn of J. S. (extract from)
BeNe GeSSeRiT : Perverted desire
Spin0 : Avok (extract from)
Liquid Sphere : Inner voices (inner drones)
Cortex : Fragmaniak III
Jay Chattaway : Maniac's Them (End Titles) (Maniac OST)

Originally released on 3patttes records – 3patttes004 : (May 2004) – “Anatomy of a maniac” V/A 2*CDr

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