Transglobal Warming by TKno BeurK

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP090
Released: 06 Jul 2019
  • 1
    Open Mouth
  • 2
    Did They Paranoid ? [Part I]
  • 3
    Did They Paranoid ? [Part II]
  • 4
    Did They Paranoid ? [Part III]
  • 5
    Hotter Than Hell
  • 6
    Other Worlds Dreamers [Part 1]
  • 7
    Borderlines Everywhere... [First Part]
  • 8
    Other Worlds Dreamers [Part 2]
  • 9
    Borderlines Everywhere... [Last Part]
  • 10
    Other Worlds Dreamers [Part 3]
  • 11
    Industrial Breeding Introduction
  • 12
    Industrial Breeding
  • 13
    Nowhere Safe
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Le Colibri Necrophile presents an unplanned jolt of humanity while the world dies... which could be "a memorial to the future generations". We did know but have done nothing or nearly nothing... in any cases not enough to save our pachamama. Things are not as simple than to change our habits, because the bigger part of the damages come from the corporations. There is no environemental solution which could work without getting rid of the capitalism, or any other kind of totalitarian system. Perhaps humanity is the best when it is question to create her own hell... but politicians & corporations rule it.

Well this is only music, perhaps not really techno, hardtek, speedcore or electro, electropunk... but more experimental live electroniccs. The first 5 tracks of this album are more rhythmic :
Muslimgauze, Mutamassik, Esplendor Geometrico or Cabaret Voltaire fans may enjoy it.
The end is quite dark... more accurate for Nurse With Wound Fans ;)
Electronoise or postindustrial would fit if you desperatly need to label it.

A thought to the Dreamers of all earth facing this cataclysm,
on the road throught this nightmare, in captivity in france, in lesbos or anywhere else.
Like for Chernobyl a thought also to the many scientifics who years after years have done their best to avoid a bigger climate disaster...

They were right.

Recorded in July 2019 in Foucherans. Mostly Improvised Music. Total time : 98 mn 40 s

Special Thanks to all the nomads of this world, especially the TURntable BOhemians ^^

VideoArtClip "Industrial Breeding"
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