Versteht mich nicht falsh... by The Domestic Front

Netlabel: earshelteringearS008
Released: 02 Nov 2005
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digitally composed by Thom 'Kurotenshi' Bailey in Tokyo, summer 2005 for a live performance at Cave Studio, Kobe.

a co-release of Belsona Strategic Schallplatten (Elgaland / Vargaland) and Earsheltering (France).

best experienced with stereo headphones-
listening during 1-5 a.m. is also recommended.

photography by Nigel Staley.

with thanks to:
anna, leif, zbigniew, joe, 2 anthonys
(France and L.A.), ossian, petr, jeff,
walter, kazuya, elina, philip, tim,
brandon, jason

in memory of Jhonn Balance, Koji Tano and Fritz

further information:

© the domestic front 2005
earsheltering 008 - October 2005
" Here is the latest composition from The Domestic Front. 'Versteht mich nicht falsch' is a further refinement of what composer Thom K Bailey calls 'disorientation music'- a sound inspired mainly by half-understood languages and half-remembered dreams. The atypical rhythms, ambient swells and split-second sound-spikes of 'Versteht..' Take up residence on the edges of perception. There is a constant rate of exchange between sounds, like wandering in a jungle of technoid mutant creatures. A treat for adventurous synaesthetes. Listen to this one and enjoy being lost."

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