Verdant Peal by Secrets of the 45

Netlabel: UnderpolenUPL053
Released: 13 Aug 2013
  • 1
    01 Goldenrod Blinds
  • 2
    02 Wet Bulbs and Clipped Whites
  • 3
    03 Patau Limbo
  • 4
    04 Green Rim Trowie
  • 5
    05 Solarigrams From Heat Island
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"Verdant Peal", 12th album by Secrets Of The 45 utilizes field recordings collected over two summers to create a set of summer-inspired soundscapes. Ambient, drone, noise, collage, tape music with hints of musique concrete join forces to create a diverse jungle of hazy, sweaty sonic paintings.

Birds in a forest, suburbian lawnmowers, children's voices, murky tape experiments, children's toys, distant conversations, prepared vocals emerging and collapsing from the sticky dark, with snippets of musical instruments - tribal drumming or swirling guitars - are sampled, looped and combined to create an effect of dense, disorienting heat much like a confusing dream during a nap in tall grass in the middle of a July day.

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