Halali Tapes by Secrets of the 45

Netlabel: UnderpolenUPL011
Released: 31 Dec 2006
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    01 halali
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    02 Hubert's passion interrupted
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    03 Leibolmai is a chronic angeronic
  • 4
    04 Omnigymnospermia
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"This album is a combination of two of my obsessions: thrift store tapes and nature, and here particularly hunting. I found a tape of songs about hunting in a thrift store and that gave me an idea. The 4 long compositions here, constructed from slowed down hunting songs, tape hiss, wildlife sounds, self-hypnosis tapes and hunting trumpet signals, are supposed to picture the majesty and mystery of a primeval forest. This was my first album which I dare call professional." SOT45

"Halali" sets the mood with amassed wildlife sounds and hunting trumpets. "Hubert's passion interrupted"shimmers with gentle choirs, trumpets answer from great distance, then suddenly a playful accordion appears, only to be overtaken by echoing birds and looped Halali. "Leibolmai" starts with overlayed self-hypnosis tape and changes the atmosphere to heavy, more sinister - a disjointed drum loop plays in the background, accompanied by strange jazz outbursts. Bass rolls over and suddenly the trumpets and voices join in again for the finale. "Omnigymnospermia" a 20-minute monster-track starts again with mutated strings, playful songs mixed with unsettling bubbling primeval voices, then settling for a hypnotizing trumpet loop, with wild birds, foxes and slowed down clarinets and saxophones in a droning mini-orchestra.

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