An Occult Forest of Dark Seeds by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Humanfobia

Netlabel: Cian OrbeCIOR-H92
Released: 09 Jul 2020
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    An Occult Forest of Dark Seeds
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This single track is a remix of the tracks of the Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt album: "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there" released in 2015 by Kruk Records. link:

Instrumentation by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
vocals by Mist Spectra.
mixed, remixed by Sábila Orbe.

- Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Chicago, Berlin)
Also releasing music under the moniker - MoreBlackThenGod , and Drone Messiah , the developer of the Accidental Guitar Method

- Humanfobia is a dark experimental, ghostly music duo from Rancagua, Chile. //// Sábila Orbe (sound programming, mixer) & Mist Spectra (lead vocals, visual support) Links:

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