Paroxysmic Rhapsody [Part 1] by rADio eNd

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP132
Released: 15 Oct 2021
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    Opusculus [Ben Presto Composition]
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    Original Vision
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    Electric Pow Wow
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    Paroxysmic Rhapsody [Part I]
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The Necrophile Hummingbird presents Paroxysmic Rhapsody by rADio eNd. "Dialectic Music for Holistic people"

The origin spark happens while I was reading the notice of that George Gershwin record "Rhapsody in Blue".
So this album maybe also a kind of experiment in modern music. It seems that in this album there are two points of view on the reality around, first from... an isolated cell, next from.. the subconscious constellation. The album is split in two parts because of this, and also to fit with that time of small attention span.
Where is the synthesis ? Anyway music is worth more than any talk and deeper than any thoughs.

This said it could seems to be a conceptual avantgarde album. Maybe it's more a primitive recreation of classical music.
My only certainty is that to be free generate more freedom. What you are listening is building up your reality.Our balance balance the world.
May I dream ?

Thanks so much to all the friends who are members of rADio eNd in this album. For the first part long time friend Ben Presto & Planetaldol. For the second part Innocent but Guilty, Myrh & Bissecta SâVge, Studio 112, Walt Thisney.
And to you dear listener for welcoming our dreams in your reality.

Free Download in Wav & Flac on the bandcamp.

Members credits :
Track 1/2/4 Ben Presto
Track 11 Bissecta SâVge & Myrh
Track 7 & 8 Innocent But Guilty
Track 3 Planetaldol
Track 8/9/13 Studio 112
Track 6 Walt Thisney
Ed End

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