Północ Półsen Półdzień by poj.wlkp

Netlabel: UnderpolenUPL056
Released: 14 Nov 2013
Genres: Gothic Rock Rock
  • 1
    01 Półsen
  • 2
    02 Wstecz
  • 3
    03 Złoty wir
  • 4
    04 Mój jedyny wolny dzień
  • 5
    05 O czasie
  • 6
    06 Terschelling
  • 7
    07 Rtęć
  • 8
    08 Ptak pikuje
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poj.wlkp, one of 9 musical projects of polish amateur musician Jan Strach, has always been his outlet for the most depressing, intimate feelings and it is not different this time. Sadness prevails in the lyrics and the melodies alike, which as always follow the diy ethics stated in Strach's "hortifolk" manifesto, but here the instrumental tracks are much more polished and include synths, keyboards and effects,no longer leaving the acoustic guitar as the main instrument.

The melodies have been created as combination of fits of inspiration, structured improvisation and laborous calculation in order to achieve something original yet not overbearing or pretentious. Somewhere between sadcore, gothic, folk and rock, the songs penetrate an area of eternal melancholy, while taking interesting turns in chord choices, rhythm and structure.

The album took 3 years of creation in a process equally excruciating, purifying and satisfying. This is the end result, a labour of love of one person, perhaps lacking in professionalism, but never in genuine passion and spirit. Dark, sad and avoiding obvious solutions, and thus adhering the philosophy of every poj.wlkp album so far.

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