Rose Bed On The Moon by PIRATE Tapes

Netlabel: Le Colibri NécrophileLCNLP116
Released: 28 Nov 2020
  • 1
    Walking Dead in the Movie
  • 2
    Pink Rabbit
  • 3
    When the moon slowly glides into my bed
  • 4
    Yeah ! We kidnapped My Wagonnet Eretique singer and he will sing with us till you buy all our tapes !!!
  • 5
    In the Moon for Life
  • 6
    Pirate Tribe Trip Reset
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Listening Rose Bed On The Moon is like watching ghosts of Tuxedomoon waving goodbye to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge... in a lofi parralel universe.
Unvolontary full of our influences flavour with our own very improvised recipes,
well, pell out nostalgia skin to reach the delicious acid core.

Ingredients : pink flamingos, white rabbit, blue rosebud, in the mood for love, man on the moon, pink narcissus, trip/reset...

About the rapture of My Wagonnet Eretique Singer this is was not a joke !
But since that time he's gone. For a better chonologic understanding it's important to considere that this album is a kind of prequel, it has been done before Cosmic Hobos Cult.

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Paint by Alain Grille
Video Art Clip here (adults only)
Pink Narcissus Cinemix

Recorded the 9th february 2020 at Cave Haven in Foucherans (france).

Alain Grille Electric Guitar & Prepared Sounds & FX.
Krackers Voices
Ed End Kaossilator & Turntable & Clarinet & FX

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