The Rat King by Pica

Netlabel: Cian OrbeCIOR-343
Released: 28 Aug 2019
  • 1
    A. rtex
  • 2
    B. ad Trip @ The End of The World
  • 3
    C. ole's Hill
  • 4
    D. isheveled Embraces
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Originally self-released by the artist "Pica"
the day 31 August of 2016.

"RTEX is the opening of the EP and starts with nice tribal drums which is later accompanied with hats and more layers. The track has that forward driving techno-style which immediatly sets you of to some mild head-shuffeling.
Halfway the tracks gets even more drive and sets your limbs in motion. It’s hard to retain motionless as this track gets you into a voodo-mistress dance around the trees.
AD TRIP @ THE END OF THE WORLD sets its tyempo from the very beginning by the means of dogbarksamples (?) that are complimented with cutoff driven staps and hollow tree trunk kicks. It’s mellower than the revious track but still has that drive to it to induce some mild training for your muscles.
OLE’S HILL is track number three (or C, so you can make a nice assumption about the previous track position + name combination. If you can’t I’ll give you a hint: A. TREX, B. AD TRIP) and has a lot of influences of early rave music in a nice juicy shiny almost minimal techno vibe. It fills up more towards the end of the track.
ISHEVELED EMBRACES is the most ambient track on the original four tracks. The hihats set the tempo, but other than that there are only little samples that make up the ambient part of the track.
After the four tracks you get when you buy the EP, I was served two other tracks that there a no mention of anywhere but on the CDtext.
IT’S COMING is a harsh attack with voice samples and noise sweeps building to a industrial techno track some old veterans in the scene could take a look at! (Yeah I mean you Front 242). Definetly my most favorite track on the EP. Too bad you’ll probably will never hear it.
LOCK YOU DOORS ends this very nice trip down techno-lane and is the only track that offers no beats but sets its motion by extremely good layering of the layers in the layers with layers." - YIKIS (https://yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2016/09/07/pica-the-rat-king-ep/)

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