del_din04 by Onde Poussière

Netlabel: eg0cide productionseg0_194
Released: 04 Dec 2018
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    Tricelaptop Analogus
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    Diplodata Larsenpurex
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After a web collaboration (album Imperceptible,) Onde Poussière return to free improvisation with their 4th album del_din04, made of sessions recorded on 25th and 26th september 2018. For this occasion, they once more experimented with new set-ups, this time with a focus on lo-fi sound. Doedelzak played laptop amplified with cheap computer speakers and occasionnaly flute, while Kecap Tuyul used his z(xW+yW), a low-tech modular system based on tiny battery-powered guitar amplifiers and contact microphones. Through this new change they continue to explore sonic material and techniques that are likely to cause various accidents and usually unwanted sounds, which are an essential part of the ground on which the band build its improvised soundscapes.

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