Descent by Notch

Netlabel: Toucan Musictou331
Released: 22 Mar 2017
  • 1
    Descent (original mix)
  • 2
    Descent (rave mix)
  • 3
    Listen To The Rhythm (Blastculture Rhythmic Surface remix)
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This EP features two mixes of a new original from Notch, Descent, and a bonus remix of Listen To The Rhythm. Combining descending bass stabs and deep house grooves, the original mix of Descent breaks down into uplifting, happy piano riffs and rhythmic vocal hits, creating an ecstatic vibe to get those hands up in the air. The rave mix introduces old school stabs and hits, evoking those memories of white gloves and whistles from yesteryear. Blastculture takes control for the remix of Listen To The Rhythm, adding tribal grooves, tech effects and deep bass alongside the mellow synth chords and vocals to create a deep track for some late night action.

Release photo by David East on Unsplash:

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